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About Seller

Indobuybuy is a global platform for finding Indonesia Product and Indonesian Local Brand. With more than 100 Million around the world can access this website and logistic support from Indobuybuy you can sell your product to anywhere without worrying about the delivery.

Why Indobuybuy?

International Logistic provided from Indobuybuy to ensure the delivery.

More competitive platform to Sell your Product.

International Range not limited to Indonesia only.

The buyer that looking for Indonesian Product.

Who can become Seller in Indobuybuy?

Indobuybuy Seller is the manufacturer, appointed distributor, farmer, the owner and representative of Indonesian Brand. Interested to join as one of the trusted Indobuybuy Seller? Click “Register as Seller” in the button below and wait for the confirmation from our team.

Set Up Your Account and Product

  1. Click Account Setting
  2. Fill in your personal information and phone number
  3. Wait for Verification from our Support Team
  4. Upload your Product Listing
  5. Start selling your Product

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