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Affiliates Program

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Process Step by step : Join / Member -> Share & Advertise -> People Buy Product -> Get Paid

Join Our Program

Be part of our affiliates program, are you the type of person who is passionate about what you’re doing or you have a blog content and love to share something? Share what you find interesting from Indobuybuy and get paid for it when the product you share sells.

There’s plenty of unique products.

Indobuybuy has more thousands of unique product you might not find in other places, and all of it’s are Indonesia authentic product. You can offer your audience links to Indonesian’s fashion, collectibles, home products, food products and many more.

The biggest product source and unexplored brands from Indonesia.

You’ll find amazing Indonesia’s brands, products, and sellers only from Indobuybuy with a wide range of product selection and category.


Whatever you want from Indonesia, it’s on Indobuybuy.

Share & Advertise

Indobuybuy team has made it really easy for you to share the listings you find interests with your audience.

Get the tools for your needs.

In Indobuybuy we have a lot of tools to help you add a few choices of items to your site and even high-volume product that opens up your audience to many relevant products.

Keep tracks what benefitting you the most.

With the tools we have, you can get the insights and easy to understand report and analytics to help you measure and improve the performance.


Get paid when you the product from Indobuybuy sells.

Earn Profit

What doesn’t feels good when you can get an easy way to get paid?

What do I get paid?

You’ll earn a percentage of Indobuybuy’s revenue whenever you send someone to Indobuybuy and they make a purchase within 48 hours. Partners earn between 50% – 70% of Indobuybuy revenue. The percentage you earn depends on the category of item purchased – such as electronics or fashion. You can earn additional cash for shoppers who haven’t made a purchase on Indobuybuy in the past 12 months.

Need an in-depth look at how much you’ll earn? Check the table below.

When do I get paid?

Getting paid is easy and straightforward with IAP. You’ll be paid every month if you have reached the minimum needed for payment ($10). Note: if you are paid via Direct Deposit, it may take your bank a few days to fund your account.

How do I get paid?

We track purchases and post your earnings the day after the sale occurred. You can view your earnings per click (EPC) on your dashboard.

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