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Deliver Product

Receive New Notification

You will receive new notification from Indobuybuy (E-mail or WhatsApp Message) about your new order after, Indobuybuy receive payment from the buyer.

How to Process Your Order

  1. Look for your new order by clicking the notification in your account.
  2. Check if the product for the new order is available or not.
  3. Do an order confirmation to let your buyer know about that you are processing the order.
  4. Pack the product nicely and neat. Make sure the pack will hold the product so it wouldn’t be easily damaged.
  5. Deliver the product to Indobuybuy warehouse in Jakarta.
  6. Wait for your product to be shipped and received by the buyer and receive your money.

The Shipping and delivery product will be handled by Indobuybuy team.

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