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Frequently Asked Question

As a Buyer:

  1. Payment – About Payment Confirmation in Indobuybuy
  2. Accepted Order – Delivered Product Status
  3. Rejected Order – Rejected Transaction by the Buyer or Rejected by Seller
  4. Payment – Total Price in Transaction the Payment doesn’t Match with Order
  5. Product Returns – How to Submit a Product Complain (Return)
  6. Delivered Product – How to Cancel Order when the Shipping Process took to long
  7. Purchase – How to Buy Product from Several Seller

As a Seller

  1. Payment – About Payment Transfer to the Seller
  2. Product Returns – How to Respond Product Return from Buyer


  1. Account Setting – How to Change Profile Information
  2. Account Setting – What if Previously Used Phone Number is no longer active or in possession
  3. Indobuybuy Partner – How to Become one of Indobuybuy Seller
  4. Violation Complaint – Account Deactivated by Indobuybuy Policy

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