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Manage Transaction

Go to the Manage Transaction page in the Settings, which is located in My Account.

In Manage Transaction you can track past transaction in Indobuybuy and check the status of your transaction. There are several statuses for the transaction such as Waiting for Confirmation, Paid, Delivered, and Product Received.

Transaction Status Information

Waiting for Confirmation, Item has been ordered by the buyer and waiting for the payment from the buyer.

Paid, Product has been paid by the buyer and waiting for the seller to confirm the order.

Processed by Seller, The product has been confirmed by the seller and being processed.

Delivered, The product has been sent to the Indobuybuy warehouse and waiting for the shipping.

Product Received, The product has been received by the buyer according to the tracking and waiting for the confirmation from the buyer.

Completed, Product has been confirmed by the buyer and the money will be forwarded to the seller.

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